Alex Nieora
Alex Nieora

Alex Nieora - Independent Perivale Councillor Candidate 2014



I am standing for election in Perivale with a manifesto focused on fighting for the best interests of Perivale and its residents. If elected in May 2014 I will:

  • TACKLE MISSED WASTE COLLECTIONS AND STREET CLEANING – hold Ealing Council to account over missed targets and lobby for badly needed improvements to the Council’s street cleaning and waste collection service
  • MAKE PERIVALE SAFER – lobby the police to focus more on Perivale and ensure CCTV and alley gating is installed WHERE and WHEN needed - residential burglary figures have fallen but more still needs to be done
  • STRENGTHEN THE COMMUNITY in Perivale by continuing to support more local community events and by actively supporting Perivale residents who want to help their community
  • CAMPAIGN TO REDUCE HGV LORRIES using Bilton Road and Horsenden Lane South at night
  • TACKLE LOCAL NUISANCES– littering, anti-social behavior and street drinking and fix local eye sores, uneven pavements and pot holes
  • SCRAP THE GREEN TAX– the £40 garden waste collection charge levied by Ealing Council
  • SUPPORT MORE SCHOOL PLACES –and more choice for parents, children and young people in Perivale
  • LOBBY AGAINST LOCAL PUBLIC SERVICE CUTS – and work with politicians of all sides to this end


and most of all I will listen to YOUR CONCERNS AS PERIVALE RESIDENTS and put YOUR concerns first.


I live and am a homeowner in Perivale.  


I love Perivale. Its combination of natural and Art Deco heritage is probably unique to London. I grew up in West Ealing next door to Perivale and have cherished childhood memories of the area. My grandma took me to the shops on Bilton Road, I played and rode my bike around Horsenden Hill, I went on a school field trip to Perivale Wood and my school sports days were held at Perivale Athletics Track. Six years ago I made the decision to buy a home and settle down in Perivale. 


Why I stand apart from the current Labour and Conservative Perivale councillors


My local roots give me something that none of the current Perivale ward councillors have: a deep sense of belonging and long term stakehold in Perivale. Perivale is part of my personal heritage and I am dedicated to improving life for Perivale residents.


My vision for Perivale is not driven by political ideology but achieving the best for the residents and the local environment. 


I made a conscious and determined decision to stand as an independent non party affiliated councillor for Perivale in the 2014 local elections because I care more about the local area and people than I do party politics and because I care more about Perivale than about having a political career.


I also believe in empowering residents to take control over their area by sharing information and co-ordinating community group action.

I have a track record of dedicated hard work for Perivale


  • I have managed a residential estate and chaired a residents’ association in Perivale for five years.
  • I led the successful resident led campaign to get High Speed Rail (HS2) tunnelled under Perivale.
  • I have successfully campaigned to improve street lighting and signage in Perivale Station Car Park
  • I am campaigning for significant improvements to night time traffic and speeding on and near Bilton Road. Having obtained a petition of 245 signatures in February 2013 I am now pressurising our current councillors to take action. In the short term I am pushing for the 19 traffic solution priorities 1 and 2 for Bilton Road to be implemented as quickly as possible by Ealing Council's Highways department. However, I WOULD LIKE TO SEE AN END TO NIGHT TIME HGV MOVEMENTS ON BILTON ROAD ALTOGETHER.


The shopping parade on Bilton Road in Perivale is the life and soul of the local community - the shops are where local Perivale residents meet and pass the time of day as much as shops in themselves. They are an antidote to the Tescopolisation of the local area. Yet shopkeepers on Bilton Road are struggling - not due to demand, but due to the crippling amount of business rates levied on a parade of shops on a residential road without the facilities of a high street. This cannot go on. I stand shoulder to shoulder with Bilton Road shopkeepers in challenging their business rates, because I stand shoulder to shoulder with Perivale residents.



Come May 22nd 2014 make your vote count. There are three councillor seats available for Perivale and I will work with whoever else is elected, because solving local problems and issues and putting Perivale first is far more important to me than party politics.


Vote for change, vote to make a difference, vote Alex Nieora, because:

With Bilton Road residents in Perivale in February 2013 protesting against night time lorries and speeding

What's new?

Thank you to everyone in Perivale who voted for me on 22nd May 2014. I received 1,165 votes as an independent candidate but was not successfully elected.

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